What does not kill you makes you stronger

So about a week after Jonny and Evie met, the same day Jonny declared Evie to be his girlfriend, he messed around on her with Joanna Moore, another Scathach. He didn't say anything for weeks but eventually the cat was let out of the bag when Evie came up on the two of them in the gardens at Firnost and overheard Jo talking about it. She broke it off with Jonny. On top of that, the Daireann Sidhe Jakob Delaney became extremely pissed with Jonny for "sullying his name" by doing drugs and cheating on Evie. Jonny got a crack upside the head with a staff for that. He spent the subsequent days drinking and being depressed, until Thursday night when he took in a little Satyr girl named Damiana with slipped seeming, who had recently Chrysalized. Then, yesterday morning, Jonny had an idea. He presented his idea to Jakob Delaney, and expressed his desire to redeem himself to both Jakob and Evie. There will be an epic quest to find a beast with silver fur and claws of icicle, to slay it for its fur and claws. When Jonny leaves for that quest tonight, Jakob Delaney will see to it that Damiana's protected. I am excited about this, and also pleased because I will get a chance to play my other character, Wildflower, more often.
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The plot thickens!

So one night last week, a Sidhe named Alain came into the freehold. It turned out he was a scout for the person Evie is arranged to marry (against her wishes). Shortly thereafter, in comes a Sidhe who refuses to say his name, but calls himself Le Chevalier du Stylo. Alain immediately raised Jonny's hackles, but it took him a while longer to figure out that this Chevalier character might actually be his competition. Kael, another Scathach, had been watching Chevalier and brought his suspicion up to Jonny. Jonny has asked his Sluagh friend Vern to follow Chevalier the next time they are both in the freehold. Now, the intrigue begins....what will happen next!?

As the Dreaming turns!
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Things get interesting

More and more people are coming to Firnost! I love it! At one point there were like 11 people in the room last night.

So yesterday Jonny agreed to stop smoking cigarettes and weed in order to be closer to his girlfriend, Evelyn Glass ni Fiona. This is going to get interesting because Jonny has the Addiction flaw (2 pts). I think Moody/Aggro Jonny may be making a comeback. WP roll, diff 4 to withstand the addiction today: 1, 9. Botch. Oops. Now, the book says that in a case like this he will go out of his way to get his "fix". I say he won't be able to find it since he intentionally left his stash for Aswad at Firnost and has put the rest of his cash into the bank. What's most likely to happen is that he'll go out and pick a fight with someone out of sheer crankiness, and he might lose since he's lost two dice from not getting his "fix" (even if weed isn't a physical addiction, some people cannot seem to shut their minds off without it).

Also, there is a little Satyr childling named Damiana who is freshly without parents. Jonny is going to take it upon himself to feed, clothe and house this little person, if she will allow him.

Interesting stuff!!
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Taking the good with the bad

So I was in Firnost last night, and there were a ton of people there, mostly lurkers. Unfortunately, one person is now refusing to participate in RP there because another person showed up who they don't like. And of course some lurker made a shitty comment about Jonny being a drama whore. Annnnd we're back to the old days. I need to let comments like that roll off my back. It's really too bad if people don't like him. He will be terribly hard to avoid. I play him every day and he tries to interact with everyone he sees, so....tough shit for them.

It's sad that some people don't seem to think that me or my character have changed at all. I guess the only thing that will prove that is RP.

I got back in touch with Ryan, which was great. Jonny is going to run into Jakob Delaney in the gardens at Firnost, and will begin learning about Courtship. He is plotting to steal Evie away from her stuffy lifestyle!

My other character is called Wildflower. She's a Satyr childling from Burning Sun. Her stepfather is abusive to her and her mother, so she ran away to Firnost. Apparently, Harry the Rat is plotting something. Who knows what will happen!
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Okay, I seem to have a problem. It's 11:24AM CST, and I want to roleplay. I realize that most other people my age (29) are either still sleeping, busy with kids, or at work. So I'm sitting in the chat room, posting just to entertain myself, and some douchebag comes in and is like:

o.O: seriously?

Jonathen Mason (Sidhe Wilder): OOC SERIOUSLY! Hi!

o.O: That wasn't a good thing. *poof*

How rude! Hopefully that person will go back to their mundane existence and leave us alone. You know, some people have apparently "grown out of" this game. I personally think they've succumbed to Banality. Call it Peter Pan Syndrome if you want, but I have promised myself that I will never grow up. And guess what? There are plenty of adults like me running around out there!

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MY PRECIOUS has returned

When I was about 14 or so, I discovered a wonderful roleplaying game called Changeling: the Dreaming. I made characters and played them in an online setting with other gamers. This went on for a number of years, and I became very attached to my fellow gamers and their characters. Unfortunately, around 2004 or so, the chats went down. I was devastated. I spent the next several years walking around in a state of semi-dazed confusion, wondering when the magick would come back into my life.


Now I have made it my personal quest to try and find as many former Firnost gamers as possible, in order to bring them back into the fold. I know that some of these individuals annoyed me in the past for some reason, but in my fervor to get everyone back together, my give-a-shit took a flying leap out a third story window. I love everyone dammit, and I am going to get their attention! I noticed a character in the room the other day who I haven't seen in like, 10 years, even before the chats went down, so I know the word is getting around.

Today was lame, though. Not one person came IC. I hope this situation gets better so I can get some real gaming done before I have to go be a wage slave again in a couple of days.
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